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    Not necessarily better, but nowhere near as bad as it seems by this board. I almost never even tried it myself based on all the posts.

    First let me give you a little background on my usage of email on my T650. I have SBC Yahoo! DSL internet at home which somes with a standard POP3 email, of course. I use Yahoo Mail (not Outlook) most often as the desktop application to access emails daily. My Inbox at any given time has 150-200 emails in it.

    Back to Palm world...

    This is where in a few ways, I prefer Versamail. The first and foremost is the SPEED of checking email. I always hated how Snapper seemed to "scan" each and every email in your Inbox before it could download the new ones. 1..2..3..4..ugh.

    Secondly, the auto sync doesn't hijack the whole unit (turn on screen, slow email check, full screen unavailable) while it's operating, i.e.Snappermail.

    I do miss being able to move my emails to the SD card, but I realized that I don't really have a need to archive MBs of emails on my Palm. At home on a desktop, sure, but not on my Palm.

    There are surely PROS and CONS with every choice, but for my $ (in this case $0.00), I will stick with Versamail until Snapper can speed up their email accessing, and send it to the "background".

    Comments? Also, please share your experiences with both and YOUR major reasons for choosing one over the other. Alos, enlighten me if there are features I've missed in Snapper based on my post.
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