xpdnc, the issue has nothing to do with you except for the amount of money you pay a month for data service.

True push technology save's MASSIVE amounts of bandwidth. Im not sure what your using but i doubt it's push which means your devices poll's your server for new items, well even if you do have items, the polling is wasted bandwidth which doesnt seem like much for just you but when you have millions and millions of people with their autosync set for 5 min or 4 min you end up having MASSIVE amounts of overhead which drives to cost of bandwidth up...which we always pay for.

True push eliminates ALL of that waste because your sever will just push you whats new.

Everyone should check out the latest version of ChatterEmail that is about to released to beta, it is a combination of Marc's world class email client and our one of a kind NexSync technology which will allow you to get all of your corporate exchange email over Outlook Web Access on your device.

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