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    I thought i would do another post on sucess I've had becuase my other one seemed to be liked. I was very disspointed that there was no app to convert a pdf file to pdb for mac os x. so i decided to make one!! I have the script here. its nothing more then a cli wrapper script written in bash but it works. and I'm working on a gui for it which is almost done. This so far and plans to be completely free of charge and open source. Right now its nothing more then a wrapper script. But the GUI is being worked on at the moment. actually the GUI is done. i just need to make the wrapper script work with it. anyone know about mac programming I could use your help.ill probably post in development as well. this script will for all *nix as well. Just wanted to know about feedback and what people think of what im doing.
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    What reader software are you planning to display these converted PDFs on the Treo?
    Will they show fonts/graphics?
    Is there an advantage over using Adobe converter and reading with Adobe Palm reader?
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    not really. The adobe reader really sucks on palm. it converts the pdf to html first. then converts them to pdb.
    "Murphy was an optimist."
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    I can't help but I think it's great. If you need help for teting let me know.
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    I exchange a lot of pdf files with my clients. I really need something that works well with Mac and Palm. I hope you pull this off.
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    It's done. if you can use the CLI i can give the script to you. But should be done by the end of the week.
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    I've talked to people. It will be done in approxomently one week. Becuase my friend who is better at cocoa GUI building can't get his mac for a week. so in about one week it will be all ready. its extremely easy to use. we will be accepting donations as of now. All donations will be diveded and sent to charities such as FSF, OSDN or OSI. pm me for more info
    "Murphy was an optimist."
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    Great idea! Thanks for the help. Can't wait to see how it looks/works.

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    It looks very simple. you just open a pdf file. name what you want the pdb file to be. and it convert it. you could not be more simpler with the program. and taha'ts exaclty what im looking for.
    "Murphy was an optimist."
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    Sounds like you are making great progress. I'm excited (doesn't take much anymore). Let me know if I can help in any way. I'm not a programmer so there may not be much I can do but cheer you on.

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