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    I have searched and know this has been covered in different dimensions, mostly regarding resets. But I need to document this for the growing record.

    Unlocked gsm650 on Cing - running perfectly (except lame speaker phone and volume) with all my favorite software since i bought it through VC some months ago. Now I got a replacement from palm because my screen broke and all hell broke lose. Same firmware no changes in software and the thing randomly turns off all day(radio) and theres nothing i can do about it. i removed treoguard and i am dreading uninstalling all my software and go one by one (i did that when i switched from the 600).
    Isnt there any way this identical hardware could just work???? Why must every new unit be like an obstacle course, taxing every last bit of ones logic and sanity? ...what is up with Palm?
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    Is the SIM and holder a tight fit in the device (a piece of thin card or paper behind the SIM)? If it's radio off'd due to reset rather than the aforementioned then #*377dial in phone app will tell you the time of last reset and app in use, if consistently the same application then remove the associated .pdb's from Backup on the desktop.
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    thanks it seems no reset only radio failure .. i will try the cardboard ...
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    I think I found the fix to a problem that has vexed people endlessly, causing refunds and cursing and with no apparent help from Cingular or Palm. My new Treo650 would turn off the wireless phone if I hiccuped, tapped on the table on which the Treo was sitting, twisted the wire of the ear piece, or looked at it too hard, or if a butterfly flapped its wings in the Amazon.

    As a note for a Treo600 once speculated, the SIM card is loose. Mine is the G type that many posts at the Palm web site forum note is a lemon card that should be traded for the A-Axalto type of SIM Card to fix the random phone turning off problem.

    All I did was cut a piece of heavy paper (a snip from a "business card" works well) slightly smaller than the SIM card, and insert the paper between the SIM and the little plastic holder that slides in.

    Now, I can bang the Treo on the table and the phone connection stays ON !! Any harder a banging, and I would crack the case with the phone still staying on.
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    dapritch: I was not aware of two differnet types of SIMs. Can you elaborate, and perhaps tell how to identify which is which?
    Mike Caldwell
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    I gotta say, I did the paper trick. (attacking photos) and everything works fine now, sad I know, but true...

    I just took the end of a business card I had, not folder at all.

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    i tried the paper trick, and it worked but... beware of using business cards. a piece of business card made my SIM card tray get so wedged in there that i was unable to send SMSes for some reason. i was barely able to get it out with a small screwdriver. there were indentations on the SIM card that did not look good. i'm lucky i didn't destroy it. i used a thinner piece of paper, and it worked much better.
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    I have a Cingular 600 that I have had since March 2005 and a Cingular 650 I got in July. Recently my 600 started doing soft resets on me when I tried to call (sometimes)... The screen would say dialing forever and when I finally noticed and did a hangup, the screen grayed a bit and then reset. This was intermittent. One night while sitting in its charging cradle it apparently decided to hard reset with memory deleted. So I called Palm and they had me hard reset and then hotsync after renaming the Backup directory on the PC. It seemed OK for a while, then on the first real day of my 3-week European vacation, the problem went solid.

    I put the SIM card in my 650 and it says the SIM card cannot be used. I read the manual and it talks about 3 & 5 volt SIM cards and says one doesn't work... So, off to the Cingular store to swap SIMs. No one knows anything about 3 or 5 volt SIM cards. They only have one kind anyway, so we try and it doesn't work. I call Cingular customer support from the store and get to someone who knows about Treos. He's heard that "G" SIMs have some problems, but "A" ones don't. Mine is a G. But the ones in the stores are "A". He finds another note about a software problem causing VM numbers on the SIM to get corrupted that "might" solve my problem.

    I download the patch update and discover that the in-the-box desktop software doesn't install on my virgin XP tablet PC.

    Thank God I followed both cross-ref links on one of Palm Knowledge Base articles about non-support of the Tablet PC! Looks like I have a solution for my install problem AND another forum chain may have given me the solution to the soft reset problem (loose SIM card?). Hopefully that means my 600 will work again and maybe I can see if the patched Palm software makes the SIM work with the 650.


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