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    I am using Pocket DVD studio (3.4) and trying to convert mpeg2 files (recorded using snapstream) to avi files for use on my treo 650.

    I am using 2 pass xvid and everytime I run a file thorugh, I get an output file that is 3 or 4kb and not playable. Has anyone seen this problem?
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    I tried to do an entire DVD twice last night and had he same thing happen. Any luck yet?
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    What is your DVD decoder/navigator software?
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    It sounds like you chose a single chapter instead of the entire movie. Make sure PocketDVD automatically picked up the right .vob. If not, look for the file that has the longest time.
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    microsoft DVD Navigator (default)
    DVD video Decorder = auto select (default)

    any thoughts on a different setting? I will try another tonite. thanks

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