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    David -

    For you the MPx is reality, but for the general public it is not. despite your happiness with the phone, it's availablitiy, or lack there of, makes it "vaporware" to the general public.

    Not a knock on you or the product, just a simple realitly check. I too was looking forward to seeing the MPx, but the Treo is here and now, easily available and suportable for us non-tech types.

    Ocean18 -
    I have also been following the i730 and have posted in a number of threads this is the one to watch. Lets see which hits Verizon first -- the 650 ot i730. and which has EVDO. Samsung has a terrible record when it comes to realse dates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ocean18

    Is it just me, or doesn't this look like a camera with flash? And FYI, it's the same size as a 650.

    Additionally, an 850 model is on the way, and the BT will most likely be upgraded.
    IT IS JUST YOU! For your information, I was looking at the device from your post! Originally Posted by ocean18

    The device there DOES NOT have a camera!
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    Touche! (Maybe the third pic on that website has a removeable cover on the camera???)
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