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    My versamail keeps freezing since yesterday. No new software added. It opens for 5 seconds and freezes. I have to reset it then. This treo is really *(&@*#()@& me off! So many problems with it.
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    WorsaMail will do that. Look around this forum and you'll find many people who have had similar ptoblems. The fix usually entails deleting all your mail databases.

    WorsaMail works fine for some folks, but it appears to be a crapshoot as to if and when it will bite you in the ***, and the longer you use it, the worse the odds. Fork out a few bucks for a better alternative such as Chatter or Snapper.
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    I've had a similar problem synching via ActiveSych. It seems to be related to a "bad" mesage. Try moving you messages to another folder and adding them back to your inbox a couple at a time to determine which message is "bad" and then getting rid of it (moving to another directory or deleteing it).

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