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    Hi there,

    I do not know why my treo 600 can not be charged completely though it already was charged four hours that percentage of battery still only 70%, this Treo used from Dec last year. Who can kindly help me to resolve this problem, please.


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    Try a battery reset. With the phone plugged into the charger, do a pin reset on the back. This should reset the charging circuit.

    It's quick and worth a try.
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    Your battery is gone. Be prepared to replace it.
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    And be prepared to replace it with something good. See my post elsewhere near here. I would go to the company that sells the tools to replace it because they were worth it--replacing the battery was pretty easy and the tools were essential. But I would be careful from whom I buy the battery...unless you're going to let Palm or your phone company just replace the phone for you--which may be a good idea.
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    I agree- If you have warranty it would be covered.that's much better that shelling out for a battery that might only last 4 months. If you have to get a new battery read the warranty terms VERY carefully!!
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    I bought my Treo 600 last July. Mine just started facing pretty much the same symptoms right now except that when it reaches 90% while charging it starts alternating its green and red LED every 2 seconds, the corresponding battery icon on the phone changing along with it.

    I am just doing a complete backup to the SD card right now. Is the reset while charging the last resort?
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    The reset while charging is a very easy thing to try. It just recalibrates the charging circuitry. It certainly won't cause any harm. Replacing the battery is more difficult, but certainly not impossible if done with care and patience.
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    Hi there,
    My Treo 600 came back to normal condition, I took your advices to remove some programs installed receently and soft reset once. Today I spent three hours to charge it from 20% too 100% as usual. I removed APs included mRing, mLight, Butler and LightWav. But I don't know which is exactlly battery killer yet. However thanks, Guys.

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