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    Whats the best app to use mp3 as ringers? in my treo600 I used to use callfilter and it worked fine. but I can not get it to work on the 650. can you guys tell me what you use.
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    I use TreoTechnician from Hobbyist Software. You only get one mp3 ringer for all calls but that's fine by me.

    Other choices, I believe, include Lightwav and Treoguard.
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    also CallFilter should be updated for the 650 soon. Apparantly the developer has some personal issues that are holding back it's release.
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    Ringo and Ringo Pro are also good options.
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    treoguardne mp3 for a ringer
    mring:mp3 for each contact or cat
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    I thought with the T650 you didn't need a 3rd party mp3 player for ringtones? Thought it was built into the system.
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    afraid you thought wrong

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