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    Quote Originally Posted by RicoM
    Um....I believe he was being sarcastic
    Hard to tell, since many folks appear to havde trouble understanding taxes. My wife, for example, didn't want to accept a pay rise because it would have put us into the a higher tax bracket, and she thought we would lose a higher percentage of our total income and thus have a net negative effect. I had to explain to her that the higher rate only applies to the amount that exceeds the bracket cutoff, not to the entire amount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgarza
    Yes, we are all very worried about the tax, now can we please stop posting about it. Every time I see a new post here I check it for new info and its just another post about tax. It's not like it's going to be that much.
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    All this complaining about tax codes just in the US... and people wonder why the contest wasn't open to non-US folks.
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    FYI -- from

    AKQA launched a 12-hour campaign yesterday for palmOne. The "Thanks a Million" promotion gave away a Treo Smartphone every five minutes (that's 144 Treo 650 and Treo 600 smartphones). The campaign ran from noon to midnight EDT and in the first hour there were more than 325,000 entries - by the end there were more than 1.7 million entries. The campaign received some "divine" intervention in driving people to AKQA secured an ad buy on Yahoo! News... and the pope was elected making for extra traffic to the news site. During this 12-hour period, the campaign modified the features of, the destination point for the online ads and e-mail

    1.7 million entries. So now everyone can figure out their chances of winning. Pretty slim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RicoM
    Um....I believe he was being sarcastic
    i was indeed being sarcastic
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    Hey 1.2 M of those were mine!
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