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    Sorry if this has been posted, I didn't find anything.

    Am I alone here? I find the green/red flashing service light to be irritating and distracting. I usually leave the 650 face down on my desk so I can't see the light, and that's in the day! Driving at night must be done with the phone in a pocket... While trying to sleep, I can see the light through my closed eyelids! WTF?!

    Has anyone written a hack to turn this thing off? I don't need this thing at all. If I want to see if it's receiving a signal, I'll look at the phone view.

    Thanks for any info you have.
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    Try Butler or LED Off
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    I used a silver metalic sharpie marker to reduce the size of the LED window. I can still see it, but it is not an eye sore. The marker does wear off over time and i just reapply. If you don't like it you can scrape it off with your finger nail.
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