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    I just won a bid on a Treo 300 on Ebay. When I did some research to find out exactly how I go about getting my plan and everything transferred to my new phone, I found that I will need the phone, the packing slip and original box in order to get it turned on. Now I'm guessing since the auction was for a "almost new" phone, the chances of getting the original box are slim to none and definitely the chances of getting the original packing slip would be even worst.

    This is when it comes to setting up the new phone on the phone. Is it alot easier setting it up at the store? I've never had to transfer my service to a new phone, so I don't have any experience doing this. Does any one have an easier way than what Sprint requires at all? All feedback is welcome..Thank you!
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    All you need is the ESN (Electronic Serial Number), this is printed on the back of the phone and is also shown on the "Phone Info" menu in the Phone application.

    The only reason you would need the packing slip or such is if you were trying to get some kind of rebate or credit.
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    I too bought a Treo 300 off Ebay. I just called in gave them the ESN # and they activated it. Now i just have to learn how to use all of it.
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    Thank you for the information...
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    Check with your eb seller. Many will guarantee the transfer for the new phone. Hope yours did if there is a problem.
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