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    I have noticed that sometimes people will call me on my Sprint T650 and the calls will go straight to voicemail, when I am doing absolutely nothing with my phone. I tried to figure out if another app was running in the background, deleted programs randomly then re-installed them, but it keeps happening. I also noticed that the "location" icon on the top of the screen in the phone app keeps blinking, even when I disable it. I was also having problems with the "software" app, and every time I tried Dling something it would get interrupted and retry immediately, repeat a few times, then say "unable to DL...etc etc." I'm assuming all three are related, any ideas what may be running in the background, if thats even the problem? I don't have many apps on the phone anymore, and I am in the process of re-installing the 1.08 update to see if this helps "I was using a shadowmite rom previously). Thanks for any and all input everyone!
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    If you have applicaitons like Verichat, Chatteremail, Quicknews, 4Cast, Worldmate, or anything that some how access the Internet, you might want to take a look at them and disable them if you are expecting a phone call.


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