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    i am using the IMAP version of chatteremail [75:24] with IDLE support and 'push' functionality enabled on a sprint PCS treo 600.

    at the same time, i am trying to run verichat 2.82b in always on mode using SMS for new message alert. i appear online to other users and i receive an initial message from other users via sms ok. however, when i try to logon to verichat to chat, which switches me over to using the data connection, it gives an error "unable to connect to the AIM IM proxy server"

    if i disconnect from chatteremail, i have no problem connecting verichat to the AOL IM server.

    I assume that this is because chatteremail owns the data connection and one can't have two applications on the data connection at once. however, i'm wondering if someone can confirm this.

    if i log out of chatteremail, i can start up verichat and then i can log back in to chatteremail and toggle back and forth between applications and it appears that they are working at the same time. however, i haven't been able to confirm that emails are actually being delivered via chatteremail when both applications appear to be sharing the data connection.

    1) can two applications share the data connection
    2) how could i get both push email and verichat to work simultaneously

    any ideas are appreciated. thanks.
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    To answer your question:
    There are times when I listen to Pocket Tunes shoutcast and stream mp3s while having both chatter and verichat running on the background and I get notifications from both. There are other times when I'm really bad and navigate on Xiino on top of all that. WOW, my Treo must hate me. LOL

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    No, this isn't right at all... ChatterEmail doesn't "own" the data connection; indeed, it works perfectly well with Blazer, Xiino, and other data applications. Given that VeriChat seems to cause a number of issues (and not only with Chatter), I'd bet that it's doing something wrong. Why not take a look at Causerie?

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    Verichat is a very robust and reliable application. However, in order to acheive that sometimes it takes ownership of connections and sees itself as more persistant than others applications. As a result killing other connections, but this is rare when it is idle or there is good signal. However, if the signal is low, it will try to keep connected by all means.

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    This makes sense in that it's an IM application. The whole purpose is for it to be on at all times (provided you chose that feature). The thing I dislike is that during the day, it connects/disconnects constantly as I move around. To me, this is not noticeable unless I have it in my hand and see my screen constantly lighting up and seeing it trying to reconnect. However, to my friends on my buddy list, this is down right unbearable, as they get annoyed with the door opening and slamming shut all day. . I'm sure I'll lose a few buddies due to that or be ignored. I wish there was a solution to that short of me only turning it on when I need it.

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