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    can anybody recommend some software to compress videos for the 650?
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    Well, I usually compress my (uhummm) DVD's to xivd (mpeg4) videos by using Pocket-DVD Studio for palm. It has a neat graphic interface (looks like a palm device with real time video rendering on it's tiny screen) and the controls for audio/video/bit rates are dummy proof (can't under or over do it). I perfer the higher quality settings for video and I choose stereo sound.

    I use MMplayer to watch my compressed videos on my Treo650.

    Surf the Multimedia part of this forum for plenty info you need....
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    And of course if you should happend to have a DivX or Xvid compressed movie (or maybe an mpeg movie you would like to compress...) could always compress it for the screen resolution on your Treo by using Pocket DivX Encoder

    There are 2 versions - one called stable and one experimental (Beta). I have used the beta for the last 6 months - very stable

    Choose Tungsten T3 or PC at startup (to get a screen resolution bigger tha 320x320).
    After you have choosen your videofile you can decrease the screen resloution to fit the Treo (320x320)

    The Pocket DivX Encoder also handles subtitles. The subs will be hardcoded on the movie.

    Have fun!
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    I just use iMovie on a Mac, making them into mpegs. I have tried making QT movies but they do not seem to play for me on Kinoma Player. I have recently started using TCPMP and that works even better than Kinoma.
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    I use NERO RECODE. The program works great. I compress at 256bps and audio set at 40-22500. The video and audio are always in sync. I view my DVDs on KINOMA.
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    I use PalmOne's Quickinstall to compress mpeg2 and DivX files to ASF format, copy it to the SD card, and play using TCPMP or PalmOne's Media.
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    nero recode or kinoma producer
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    I use mencoder, part of the mplayer suite.
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    How much space does a normal 2 hour movie take up on an SD card?
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    I get a 2 hour movie down to around 170mb. I use PocketDVD to encode my DVD's. I then run the .avi through SmartMovie Converter on my desktop. The .avi is usually around 500-600mb when I start. After the conversion I get it down to around 170mb. That changes some from movie to movie. I copy the movie to my SD card. I play the movie using SmartMovie on my Treo.
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    I use Kinoma Producer to convert to MPEG 4 targeting the Treo's screen size. The resulting files are about 1 meg/minute of video. I am VERY SATISFIED with Kinoma Producer. It's worth the $.
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    Recode 2 to encode DVDs to MP4/AAC or pqdvd to encode DVDs to AVI. Recode 2 does a little better job because it looks better, works much more quickly and produces smaller files.

    Anyone still using mmplayer should get on the TCPMP train. It rocks.
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    kinoma producer and kinoma's player. I have not gotten to deep into the functions yet. So far, so good. HTH
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    I use a combination of apps depending on my video source etc.
    DVDShrink for commercial DVDs.
    Winavi to convert various formats (dvd, wm, etc) to avi or mpeg as needed.
    Pocket Divix to shrink the video down to treo size.
    card export II to get the video file to the sd card
    mmplayer to play my pretty video.
    Note: I use ~15fps in pocket divix, and since I dont have headphones, I just set audio to "low" quality to save space.
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    I use handbrake on a mac with the xvid codec. It ROCKS.

    Card Export II to put on card and TCMP to play movie. TCMP is probably my favorite player. With Handrake, I encode at 320x240, 15fps, 64kbps audio and xvid codec. USE 2 PASS!!
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    ImTOO MPEG encoder does a good job converting from one format to another. Also supports the Treo's H236 3GP format.
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    for some reason after quickinstall converts to asf, when i sync my treo it gets an error syncing , and even though the asf file is there, cannot play it. I always get an error that is corrupted or too large, Ive done one that was 10 mb so i doubtr it was too large. How do u guys get asf files on your card and have you ever gotten this message?
    thanks guys
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    Put the file directly on your SD card. Don't HotSync it.

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