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    I'm dying to try out Vindigo the next time I go into NYC. The problem is that I've heard that it has compatibility issues if used at the same time as Avant Go. I refuse to stop using Avant Go since it's one of my main sources of news. Has anybody used both of these at the same time? any problems? Easily solved? Thanks for any input.
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    I have synced both at the same time and have had no problem. Hope Vindigo adds Los Angeles soon.
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    i've been using both with no problems ever since the DC vindigo came out (quite some time ago!)
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    i'm a brooklynite who uses both with no problem, evrytime i sync. i even started using vindigo before there was a mac conduit... i can't remember how, but i go tit to use the avantgo conduit, so now when i sync, and it's avantgo's turn, avantgo does it's thing, and then vindigo... it's pretty cool...

    and man, do i love vindigo. the beta for seattle just came out (i was there last week) and it's great! i think la's beta is available too... you should check it out at
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    My experience has been different. I loaded vindigo a week or so ago and tok the extra steps recommended for users utilizing avantgo also. At first I did not notice a problem but as the days passed my visor started to act up. Frequent freezes that could not be fixed with a simple soft reset. Interesting part was that the program buttons usually were recongnized but other imput ignored. The visor would also randomly switch between various software.

    My visor is fairly clean compared to most and this problem only started after loading vindigo. I unloaded it last night and everything seems to be working fine. But I'll keep testing and let you know if I conclude that the problem was NOT caused by a conflict between vindigo and avantgo.
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    Vindigo's tech support was very helpful and quick to respond when I had a problem, you may want to give them a try.

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