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    Flamingo 3d Product Demo -
    Flamingo PDF Brochure -
    ** Pictures I took of the Flamingo don't begin to do it justice. These links provide all the nice glossy stuff to get a good look at the product. Having a Flamingo in my posession, I can vouch that these are very accurate descriptors of the product. If anything, the Flamingo is smaller than it appears in these images. **

    Summary - (if you want the quick and dirty evaluation)
    Pairing – 10 out of 10
    Wearability – 9 out of 10
    Sound Quality – 9 out of 10
    Use – 8 out of 10

    Overall, I’d highly recommend this product.

    First impressions
    After opening the package, I was first struck by how truly light this headset is (11grams /0.39oz). Despite its light weight, the Flamingo appears very sturdy and resilient. While I didn’t want to perform any “drop-testing”, it definitely feels like the headset could hold up to a lot of daily abuse.

    The prototype was shipped with:

    1) The Flamingo Headset
    2) The base charger
    3) 6 different sizes of “EarClickTM” inserts of varying sizes

    Documentation came later in the form of an email (PDF) which will be enclosed as a booklet in the retail packaging. Documentation was detailed and succinct and I was able to find out everything I needed to know about use of the Flamingo in about 5 minutes.

    Pairing the Device
    As a Treo 650 user, I’ve had problems pairing with just about every BT headset I’ve owned. As luck or the 1.08 Treo 650 update I installed last week would have it, I was able to use the Treo 650 BT headset wizard, hold the “Control” key on the Flamingo down to enter pairing mode, and pair the devices on the first try.

    Being the skeptic that I am, I decided to take this pairing process a few steps further since both my Body Glove BT headset and both my Jabra BT headsets don’t seem to know they are paired after my Treo 650 is shut off or moves away from the headset.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to turn the Flamingo off, then on again about 3-5 minutes later and that calls were automatically routed to the Flamingo from the Treo. Further, when the reverse was performed (powering down the Treo while leaving the Flamingo on and then powering the Treo back on) calls were still routed to the Flamingo w/o having to attempt to re-pair the devices. Yipeee!!!!!

    Wearing the Flamingo
    I was able to try 2-3 EarClickTM inserts and figure out how to securely attach the headset in about 5 minutes. I’ll note this was before receiving the documentation that instructed me how to do so. It’s a fairly straight forward process. Figuring it out the first time is the most complicated. After that, it’s simple.

    I’ve been wearing the Flamingo daily since I received it (about 4 days now) and have to admit that I don’t even notice I’m wearing it. I used a slightly oversized EarClickTM insert at first because I had doubts that this was really going to stay in my ear with just a tiny piece of plastic. After about 15 minutes, I realized the headset wasn’t going anywhere and decided to step down to a smaller size. The comfort was even better and the Flamingo remained firmly attached to my ear.

    After wearing the Flamingo for 6-8 hours a day for 4 days it’s definitely the most comfortable headset I’ve worn for an extended period of time. Also, it is by far the fastest headset to take off and put on. Both the Jabra and Body Glove require slipping the headset over the ear and then inserting the cone into your ear canal. I could rant for days about how long it takes to put on the BodyGlove or Jabra while wearing glasses (or attempting to wear either headsets while wearing glasses). With the Flamingo, I can remove the headset in split second and reattach it in about 1-2 seconds (with one hand).

    A few side notes. The Flamingo can only be worn int the RIGHT ear (at present). I don't know what type of problem this would pose to those dominantly left handed. I know that I typically alternate ears with my other headsets due to the discomfort caused by wearing in one ear for extended periods of time.

    Making and receiving calls
    To make a call, I simply initiated the call from my Treo and the call automatically transferred to the Flamingo. The same was true with incoming calls. The Flamingo beeped when an incoming call began to ring and I could answer via the "Control" button on the Flamingo or from the Treo. I did find that the time it took to transfer the call audio to the Flamingo was quicker if I answered the call by pressing the “Control” button on the Flamingo versus answering from the Treo.

    I will note that the "Control" button on the Flamingo took a bit of pressure to toggle. Nothing too crazy involved here but i was suprised that it didn't toggle a little easier. This is one of the reasons I deducted a point for "Use".

    The documentation doesn’t mention anything specifically about the Flamingo supporting “voice tags” but it does state that it supports voice dialing from a compatible phone. The Treo 650 is NOT in this category to my knowledge so I did not review this feature with the Treo.
    ** I did pair and use the feature with my LG PM-325 and it worked great.

    Volume and Sound Quality
    Since the Flamingo does not mount within the ear canal, I was initially skeptical about the volume capabilities of the device. These doubts were quickly overcome on the first phone call I placed with the Flamingo. I found the volume range to be substantially better than the Jabra and Body Glove headsets. In fact, due to the high volume (I cranked the Flamingo and Treo all the way up initially) I had to play with adjusting volume on the Treo and the Flamingo to obtain a comfortable listening volume. It’s important to note I was able to set a comfortable volume level that worked well in quiet environments (my office or car) while maintaining adequate “reserve volume” to crank it up in noisy areas.

    Sound quality of calls with the Flamingo exceeded my expectations. Calls were clear and crisp. I did notice some static when the headset “announced” the start or end of a call (ascending and descending tones respectively) but it was very minor. I was able to have my Treo at waist level, sitting on my desk, or in my car mount without any degradation in audio quality. I did observe that outside of around 6-8 feet, static began to make the call difficult to hear. I blame this on the (apparent) poor BT transmission range of the Treo 650.

    Callers stated that they could hear me very well and were not able to tell I was on a headset. Typically, on both my other BT headsets and wired headsets, callers ask if I’m wearing a headset since the quality is so poor. I didn’t have this problem with the Flamingo.

    Battery Life
    The Flamingo held up very well to my heavy call volume and definitely matched the 6-8 hrs of talk time per charge indicated by the manufacturer. Since I charged the Flamingo every night, I can’t verify the standby times of the device. One nice option with the Flamingo headset is the USB charger. I’d highly recommend it since it’s far easier for me to pop the USB charger in than to go hunting for a free wall outlet.

    The Flamingo is definitely a unique headset and looks unlike anything on the market that I’ve encountered. Wearing the device around the park, video store, mall, work, etc. prompted an occasional glance but no reactions of incredible shock. Then again, I live in Austin, TX where the combination of “hold-over hippies” and “techies” redefine daily the definition of ”weird”.

    I was very impressed with the Flamingo. I already own 4 other BT headsets and have suffered “buyers remorse” almost immediately following purchase of each headset due to the issues I experienced. While (in fairness to the other manufacturers) I should experiment with my old headsets again after installing the 1.08 update on my Treo, I don’t have a desire to try after using the Flamingo. This is largely due to the exceptional wearability, ease of use, and sound quality offered by the Flamingo.

    Finally, I’m impressed.

    I’ll like to close this review with many thanks to Chris Adair, Operations Manager at Newtele Group, the exclusive distributor for CellPoint’s Flamingo headset in Canada. He was kind enough to send me a prototype Flamingo prior to the official release date of the product (5/1/05) so I could review it in advance.

    How to Buy
    To pre-order the Flamingo go to

    John Clark
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    Mavrik jC
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    All it takes is one short review and an image will be forever stuck in our minds :-)
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    do they have some phallic obsession? thats the 3rd headset that's been referred to that way... lol thank god my bt800 doesnt look like any body parts!
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    yeah there's no way!! It's a *****!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    That's basically what I said last week, albeit a bit more tactfully
    Palm III > HS Visor > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 750 > Treo Pro > PrePlus GSM

    "95% of all software issues are due to USER ERROR."
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    That's basically what I said last week, albeit a bit more tactfully
    Yep. Good call. I don't think I would have noticed it had someone not pointed it out to me.
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    hey scotty I said it first last week!! haha all these dirty minds seeing dirty little things..
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    hey scotty I said it first last week!! haha all these dirty minds seeing dirty little things..
    before me? Was it in some other thread?
    Palm III > HS Visor > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 750 > Treo Pro > PrePlus GSM

    "95% of all software issues are due to USER ERROR."
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    mavrik jC, how is the headset still working out? See any problems? Thanks.
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    We recieved three (3) Flamingo Prototype Headsets on March 17, 2005, and another seven (7) shortly after.

    Our prototype pictures were taken on March 17, 2005, if you need to confirm our delivery it can be verified here at DHL tracking number 4793167330.

    To purchase the Flamingo Headset click purchase.

    Thanks John; for the excellent review on Treo Central. We have another two reviews that will be posted eleswhere very shortly. I will keep you all posted.

    Impact Wireless is permitted to sell internationally as agreed with Newtele Group. Newtele Group has offices in Sydney, Australia, and just recently Seatle, Washington
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    My previous post regarding Impact Wireless/Newtele's claim to be the authorize distributor and reseller in the United States was deleted. I understand it's treocentral's prerogative to delete whichever replies they see fit, but when it's a post that will benefit the mass, it shouldn't get deleted unless there's something to hide. I noticed also that Impact Wireless/Newtele had removed "their claim" to be the authorized distributor for North America and other countries...hmmm. Notice the post by Impact Wireless is replace with an "image". The hard truth is, Impact Wireless/Newtele is tied down to only Canada! Details can be varified by Cellpoint.

    While I'm kicking up some dirt, it's hard for me to believe that "Chris and Una" at Impact Wireless would let go of their one an only prototype and ship it to someone to review. This review is hardly a us some pictures of the device in action???

    Read the real review at or

    visit the entire photo gallery here:
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    So any reports on how well this thing works with the T650? How does it compare to the TWH and HBH-660?
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    Interesting piece! I am sure it wont work with our BT 1.1 650 as well as it does in those reviews! I would pay that price if there was a guarantee it would work like many have said the Treo Wireless headset does! Oh, can I get it in silver like the one in that advertisement?
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMPACT WIRELESS
    If you like, I will sell you the Flamingo in Silver and if it doesn't work you may return the headset, without a restocking fee. I have been using the headset with a Treo 650 from Rogers Wireless for the past few days and works amazingly well.
    I might be interested in taking you up on this - assuming you extend the offer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    I might be interested in taking you up on this - assuming you extend the offer.
    Can you be more specific...
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMPACT WIRELESS
    Can you be more specific...
    Returning it without the 15% restocking fee if it doesn't work out. I have a HBH-660 but I'm intrigued by the Flamingo, just not intrigued enough to risk $21.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMPACT WIRELESS
    If you like, I will sell you the Flamingo in Silver and if it doesn't work you may return the headset, without a restocking fee. I have been using the headset with a Treo 650 from Rogers Wireless for the past few days and works amazingly well.
    I am listening....
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    are you waiting for a comment from Impact Wireless?
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