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    ohk. cool beans.
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    the most recent review is by Howard at Howard Chui. The headset is to arrive this week and will be shipping very shortly.

    John's Review

    Howard Chui's Review

    To purchase the Flamingo Headset click purchase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    Returning it without the 15% restocking fee if it doesn't work out. I have a HBH-660 but I'm intrigued by the Flamingo, just not intrigued enough to risk $21.
    The offer is no longer available,
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    I had no problems whatsoever during the 7 day trial of the Flamingo unit (to those who have asked how it worked out). As I stated in my review, the unit I reviewed WAS a prototype shipped to me for review and was returned to Impact Wireless at the end of the 7 days. I'm awaiting receipt of the Flamingo I purchased (as I understand, they will/have be/been shipping this week) and will provide a follow-up review after I receive and begin using the production model.


    Mavrik jC
    Treo 650
    Austin, TX
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    mavrik jC, has your production version arrived yet? Anyone else order one and have thought on its performance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    welcome to treocentral impact wireless
    Thanks, have a great weekend...
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    Mine arrived yesterday from SmartFone. com--it rocks!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo4me
    Mine arrived yesterday from SmartFone. com--it rocks!!!!
    More details please...

    Do calls get transferred immediately? How about outgoing calls? Does redial work consistently? How is the range?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hope somebody compares it to an M3000 + Treo 650
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    BTW, isn't this the lightest BT headset in the market right now?
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    SmartFone is the FIRST IN THE WORLD to have the Flamingo in stock. Buy from a trusted and the only official retailer/distributor in the US. Read the press release by Cellpoint here:

    Cellpoint Connect ApS signed a retail agreement with

    The black and silver Flamingo headsets are in stock and flying out to customers. Grab them while you still can!

    SmartFone is offering free second day shipping or $10 off but not both.

    Promotional Codes:
    $10-Off: flamingo
    Free second day shipping: freeship - Read the detail review!

    Live images of the black and silver Flamingo!
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    Wind socks are now available at and

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    i would strongly recommend that people read the FULL terms and conditions of Impact Wireless before making any purchase with them. READ them in FULL!!!
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    does anyone else have a flamingo? i'm tempted to buy one but need some more real world unbiased feedback from treo 650 users.

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    Any further comments on the Flamingo headset. I gave up on the Plantronics 640 due to static and short range and am using a HBH-662 now with very good results. There has been very little discussion about the Flamingo working with the Treo and I was hoping for more input before giving it a try.
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