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    I was wondering what launcher people were using, and if there were thoughts on which was better between Facer and Z.

    (note, I DID try searching the forums, but wasn't able to find anything... then again, the network is kind of slow right now...)

    I'm leaning towards Facer for the looks, but...

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you! ^_^
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    You have a lot of z fans out there...I for one like Facer for the simple use factor, and it plays VERY well with all my other apps. Clean and easy I would say Facer...if you have time for a slight learning curve, then perhaps Z would be the way to go. Facer does a fair enough job placing my apps on my card and having a VERY fast opening time (especially for ereader which I use ALL the time).

    So, if you like the look of facer it is a great out of the box app, Z gives you more flexiblity in terms of interface control but does have a learning curve.
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    Though I always used a Launcher with Palm OS 3.x and 4.x, I find no real use for a Launcher with OS5.x so I am just using the default app launcher that comes with the Treo / OS5
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    do any of the Launchers also change things inside of apps? like skinning? reason being, I normally keep my Treo650 in the phone app with the shortcuts on bottom, and if the blue colors there could be changed, that would be great! (I hate having my color theme inside of the PalmOS to be whatever, and then go into the phone portion (used heavily to call, dar rar) and it always being blue ...

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