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    I'm converting BACK to Palm after a few years on PocketPC. I'm looking for travel software that is timezome-aware, has nice defaults for preferred departure points, airlines, hotels, etc. AND lets you enter all the itnerary details you'd expect.. flight #, confirmation #, etc.

    Is there such a beast that's been updated in the last 18-24 months? TravelTrk looks pretty good, but hasn't been updated in ages and is missing some 5-way navigation and number lock and other nice-ities.

    I'm NOT looking for something that is focused on expenses, mileage or waypoints... I need something more itenerary & reminder focused. Thanks.
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    Have a look at WorldMate Professional by MobiMate. Its kind of price at $70, but I think it may offer what you're looking for:
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    I've been using Trav Tracker for 5 years. It's not the best looking - just the best working. TT has a simple interface that is fairly intuitive. It handles all aspects of travel- hotels, trains, planes, & automobiles etc. Can update your clock when you arrive at a new location... I've tried other programs that looked more glamorous. They're just fat pigs that squander precious memory just to have some "fluff".
    Same goes for the desktop version-not very pretty, but I still use it to hot sync my travel data to the palm app & calendar.
    Silverware recently updated the application for the 650.

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