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    woke up this morning and had 40 % free memory left on the internal memory. having checked last night it was 49 % ...

    no photos or videos stored on the device's internal memory, deleted all emails, the web's cache ...

    did a soft reset ...

    still 40 percent.

    what could it be?

    does the OS consume more and more space over time?
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    There are several files that come to be out of the blue. If you use Versamail, check the MultiMail Attachment file. There are files that end in .TMP which can be deleted. I use Chatter and there were some attachments that lingered even after I deleted the emails, so I had to manually delete the files with FileZ. Your call log will also grow with time. You say 10%, so that is about 2MB. That's a lot for overnight. Your best bet it to use FileZ, sort by size, and start looking down the list to see which file look weird. In a worse case, do a backup with a good backup program (I use BackupBuddyVFS) hard reset and restore to see if that helps. I have gained some space after restores in the past.
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    If you have Pocket Express and have it set to do automatic updates, this can change your available memory fairly significantly. However, I've never seen my memory jump more than .6 MB after an update.
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    Did you do any web surfing, and end up with items in your Blazer or WebPro (or other) cache?
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    tks for the helps. wasnt versam. - I use snapper - and no of the mentioned applications. but somehow "documents to go" reinstalled itself from the memory card back to the handheld. dataviz is a clever little application to move all of those nearly 4mb to the card. de- and reinstalld the apps and all's fine now, am back to 49 % free memory on the handheld.

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