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    I've got a 600 right now and would like to upgrade to the 650 but pay the price you'd pay for a 650 if you were a brand new Cingular customer (around $350) instead of the price I'd have to pay currently (from $450 on up).

    Has anyone succesfully pulled this off?
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    if you don't care about losing your number, cancel and reopen the account ...
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    i care about both losing my number and plan
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    I paid full price for mine.
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    Be patient and snag one up from eBay or the marketplace forum here on TC. Often you can find people who are unhappy with the device and just want to cover the cost they incurred when purchasing the phone.
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    I upgraded to the 650 from the 600, kept my number and paid $399.00 ($449 minus the $50 rebate, which I finally received last week). Have you tried your local Cingular store? Make sure you go to a full-service Cingular store, rather than a former AT&T store that has become Cingular.
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