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    Wilson Electronics has released the new external antenna adapter #358502. I just installed mine on a Wilson Magnetic Mount Antenna #301103. In my home office I used to get one bar or less and now I get 2 to 3 consistently. The connector fits in the back of the Treo very snugly. Thanks to the folks at Wilson. I bought mine from Ebay seller wpscellular.

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    Good news. I have had excellent results with the guys at wpscellular. My setup includes the trucker antenna mounted to the back of my house and a 25 foot cable running to my desk. My results are similar to yours. I went from 1 bar and unusable to 2 or 3 bars with good reception.
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    I also purchased the wilson's trucker antenna and it works great, I went from 2 bar unusable to 2 to 4 bars excellent reception. The only thing I noticed is that after I unplug the antenna and took my T650 on the road, I am having a hard time getting my email via chatter. I am not sure if it's related but I didn't have this problem before I installed the antenna at home.
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    I need to do some more testing, but I notice that when the antenna is connected, the signal strength jumps wildly while driving. It will jump from 0 to full scale then back down to 1 bar then back to full strength all within a few seconds or few hundred feet of travel. I don't know if I have bad coax or if the phone keeps switching to weaker cells for some crazy reason. Anyway, I'm a big believer in the external antennas.

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