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    I have no idea what BlueChat is on my Treo 650. It's taking up 229k of space, and I'm considering deleting it.

    What is this used for? Thanks, Casey.
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    you must have installed it. It's an app that came with one of the older BT enabled palms ( can't remember which). It was posted here...

    This is how you delete it...

    It's an app for chatting (IM) between two BT enabled palms. I couldn't get it to work on the 650.

    FYI a search for "bluechat" would have answered your question without starting a new thread. I hope I have helped. Good luck!
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    Hi Dutchtrumpet,

    Thanks for your helpful reply. You're right, I must have installed it at some point.

    Actually, it's funny you said you couldn't get it to work. I too tried to make 2 different Treo 650 units to work with BlueChat, and neither seemed to recognize each other.

    Did you end up deleting BlueChat from your Treo?

    I noticed you are now at post # 2999. Go ahead and post a reply and get your #3000 post!

    Thanks, Casey.
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    I did delete it. Gotta do a warm reset to get rid of it. See the second thread I posted. 3,001

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