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    A few months ago, I helped a friend set up her Treo600 with her OS X computer.

    It took a while, but we settled on:

    iSYNC + Entrourage Conduit + The Missing Sync = Syncing Treo600 with Entourage 2004

    Works Great!, Months go by, no problems; perfect sync of Calendar, Address Book, To-dos

    Recently, she dropped her Treo; cracked it, and was sent a replacement unit (a refurbished unit)

    I activated her "new" Treo, sync’d it up with her Mac; everything looked great.


    You do a FIND within the Treo for a Contact (magnifying glass icon on SHIFT button, lower left of Treo)

    50% of the time, the machine will display the results of your FIND
    The other 50% of the time, it will flash your results, then immediately SOFT RESET!

    Verizon Wireless “proved” to me that the Treo600 itself was fine. We did several “Factory Resets” and the problem does not occur when the unit has no “relationship” with the Mac/Entourage/missing sync/etc.

    Since Verizon wants nothing to do with supporting their Treo + Mac (they would speak to me further if I switched to Windows…); that was all I got out of them.

    They did suggest that I erase all 700 Entourage contacts and re-input them all manually because “maybe” there was an illegal character in one of the contacts or one of them was “corrupt.”


    Any ideas? Anyone else here a Treo600 user?

    I have found very little info on this issue through Google/Newsgroups.

    : (

    Thanks in advance,

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    Many 600 users ( me too) experienced a soft reset when using "find" due to the free docs to go viewer app that comes with the 600. I bet that's your issue.
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    Thanks DT,

    i shoudl have been more specific.

    we have NO 3rd Party software on thsi Treo600 except for "The Missing Sync" which works in conjunction with Apple's iSync to sync with Entourage.

    NO Games
    NO Free Docs
    NO Documents to GO

    i so appreciate your response; i'll keep poking around!

    : (


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