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    Anyone using or can recommend a good gear bag for all the STUFF I carry around. I don't need it to carry a laptop (already have a Waterfield Cargo bag) but something to have slots for pens, extra batteries and this stuff:
    650 and charger cables
    Ipod and charger cables
    sunglass case
    paperback book(s)

    Again something small enough to sling over your shoulder or with a handle...

    I am almost asking for a PURSE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yikessssssssss!!

    I have checked out the pod and podizilla bags from (to camera bag looking) and got my eyes set on a XS drift bag from STM, but would like a few more options.....This drift bag looks almost perfect for what I'm looking for.

    Ok your thoughts Thanks in advance
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    A friend of mine has a shoulder bag from Tom Bihn ( it looks excellent! I just picked up an LL Bean "Carryall Shoulder Bag," which can be used as either a shoulder bag or a backpack.

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    I will be traveling in Europe for three weeks this summer without my laptop and backpack, and I just picked up one of these:

    It may be a little bigger than you need for Treo and iPod, but it's still pretty small. I got it to carry two cameras (one digital, one film point and shoot), my Treo, a travel book, batteries, film, and other accessories, and maybe even a small umbrella. My main criteria in deciding to get it:

    - size: not too big, not too small, not too thick (hangs close to the body)
    - nondescript appearance: nothing flashy to make me an obvious target for muggers, etc.
    - not purse-like: vertical orientation and outdoorsy appearance minimize purse comments from US friends (hopefully!), though in Europe I think man-sacks are much more accepted.
    - organization: it has plenty of pockets, pen slots, etc to keep things tidy, plus the interior is orange which really helps you find things inside.

    Also, I'm an REI supporter and I think the company is great.

    - MMT

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