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    My inbox at fastmail has gone missing from my treo650/chattermail.

    I still have the mailbox data files (xxx.mailbox.chatter data) in the backup folder on my laptop. I did an install to handheld with told me (hotsync log) that the files already exist on the handheld.

    I soft reset, did another hotsync and all was well.....until the next day..

    Same problem..chatter can't find my inbox.
    It seems like chatter can't access the data that is on the stored on the treo which contains all the folder info/preferences.

    Any suggestions as to how to proceed? Or at least how to figure out what happened so it doesn't happen again.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    What version are you using? What phone/carrier?

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    sprint........with new update (this may be the culprit?)
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    Yes, it's certainly the culprit. Sigh.

    I suggest doing the zero-out hard reset

    Then reloading Chatter (the latest beta) and rebuilding Mailboxes. The Updater has been something of a nightmare.

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    I've noticed all the "talk" of pop integration. I wouldn't need it.
    Are there two seperate versions of chattermail (regular imap caffeinated or pop decaf) now?
    What is the latest beta that I should get?

    Is there anything that you recommend (chatter or other) pulling out of the backup folder before I hotsync after the zero out? I've never started from scratch before.

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    pizza - I'm not sure, because I don't know what apps you have. I'd save the databases called PhoneXXX, because they contain your favorites. I assume that you have contacts backed up somehow; I'd definitely save them. And get the latest beta of ChatterEmail from If you're not going to use POP3 accounts, just don't load ChatterPOP3.prc.


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