Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, but I've been reading all the great info here the past few days. Currently I'm using a 710 cell phone and a clie tj37. I really want to upgrade to a treo, but I'm still locked into my plan with VZW.

If I decided to buy a treo 600 off ebay I can probably get one new for about $300. But I'm worried that if that one should break, I'd have no way to replace that. Can I send that in to Palmone or Verizon should that happen?

If not then the only option I seem to have is to buy treo 600 from the verizon store for $450 and get the insurance from them...

PS. I'm tempted to wait for the 650 to come out on verizon, but without a plan, I'd be looking at $650, and that's just too much of a stretch. Any advise about insuring an ebay treo 600 would be great! thanks a lot guys!