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    I'm gonna bite the bullet and buy a Vaja case. Nothing fancy - just all black w/ no belt clip. I can't imagine they don't have a batch of those laying around - but even assuming it has to be made from scratch - just wondering if I gain anything by ordering from PalmOne?

    I find Vaja's website a little confusing but wonder if they would handle any problems better than if I went through PalmOne.

    Also wondering if PalmOne would get here faster since it's in the US or if going through them adds a step that would actually cause it to take longer.

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    PalmOne just orders the case from Vaja for you....kind of drop ships the ship time is going to be the same....

    I have emailed back and forth with Vaja a bunch about putting some normal or popular colors in stock so they ship immediately. Seems like a LOT more people would be interested in spending the money if they knew it would arrive more quickly than a month later! I know I would....
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    Oh but it is worth the wait... and knowing that it was made just for you.

    I ordered mine from P1 and the wait was 16 days from order to ship confirmation. I think delivery time was about a week from then and can be tracked from Fedex's website.
    I am 100% happy with mine...

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    I it worth the wait for a Vaja custom..I have a grey and black with my name on the back, take your time and their is no a color you like and you will very happy.

    I have used phones since the days of the Motorola Brick and this is by far the best case I have ever owned.

    **One complaint only..after a couple of months the ultra clip on mine has worn slightly and the phone *CAN* pop up while horizontal without pressing in the unlock trigger..I will write Ultra Clip and ask them for a replacement and buy a spare also.

    Great case and I will always but from them in the future!!!
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    order from vaja directly, no middleman, and well you know who to contact for any updates...vaja directly

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