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    I have a Sprint T650 and I periodically have issues connecting to the net. Sometimes this happens after connected for a while (i.e. disconnects and tries to reconnect) and other times it is the first time trying to connect after a soft reset. Basically what happens is my phone tries to connect to vision and gets stuck at the "Connecting to vision" message. I can cancel, but if I try it again I get stuck again. it appears I have to soft reset before I can get sucessfully connected.

    Anyone else ever see this? Any thoughts on why it is happening?

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    I am having the same problem - no idea why tho...
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    After it happens, try press ##377 and then talk...see if it tells you what the error was.
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    same problem, except turning the phone off and on will get me back on the net. Didn't have this problem until 1.12 upgrade...
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    Never really had this problem. I have not done the 1.12 upgrade, and I am not sure if I will. sort of the "if it aint broke, don't fix it" philosiphy. Besides, I don't use a bluetooth earpiece.
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    The ##377 doesn't do anything since the error hasn't caused any reset - it only requires a soft reset to re-connect. It doesn't lock up the phone either, it only attempts to connect for a minute or so & then cancels.
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    I'm having similar connection "freeze" ups. Sometimes turning off Sprint helps, but othertimes requires soft reset.

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