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    I put my backimages on my SD card in Palm/programs/ZLauncher/BackImages. Then when I go to set them as my background, it proceeds to copy the image over to RAM and increases the size of the file by a factor of almost 14! It goes from 15kb to like 205kb. I get asked if I want to compress or not and I've tried saying both yes and no but I can't tell the difference, the same thing happens either way.

    I have also tried HotSyncing the images into the RAM, but when I go to the preferences to change the BackImage, I can't see any of the pictures I just HotSynced.

    I have a bunch of images that are only around 15kb and 320x320. I'd like it to stay that way on my Treo 650. Has anyone ever had this problem? Or does anyone know what could be causing it? Thanks in advance.
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    Yes i've also noticed this, but not sure what's the cause. It takes lot's of space so I just delete it.
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    I delete the big 205kb file, but then I don't have the backimage.

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