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    Hi All.

    I'm new here so be easy on me. haha
    I'm a network administrator (intern) for a consulting firm in Michigan. The owner of the firm has had a 650 for a few months now and we've had nothing but problems with it. There are a few other 650's floating around the corporation, but he's the one with all of the woes. At first, whenever he sync'ed with our exchange server (using VersaMail), after it sync'ed, the treo would reset itself. So he came to me with the issue and I called Sprint. The guy there recommended downloading FileZ and deleting the 2 files Multi_mailattach.pdb and multi_message.pdb. We've done that and it temporarily fixed the issue. Now all of a sudden, he has to do that once a week so he can read his email. My conclusion was that since he sends/recieves a ton of email since he's almost always out of the office, the files are used so much that it has a higher chance of going corrupt. But there has to be a fix out there for it. Does anybody have any recommendation?

    I've done some checking into SnapperMail instead of VersaMail. Would switching applications help resolve the issue? Anybody within the office cannot open attachments on their Treo's. Palm says that there's a problem with the configuration of the exchange server, so my boss is on the phone with microsoft trying to resolve that issue. If we go to SnapperMail, would that perhaps resolve the issue?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Doesn't hurt you to try -- I'd go with SnapperMail and test it.

    An IT consultant/friend of mine had the same thing happen - resetting that is - and switched over to Snapper ... and it is working fine now.
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    I wonder if those pdb files are related to VersaMail. I would think so, but I don't know if you can determine that with the FileZ software.

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