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    Has anyone had a problem with Verichat in SMS mode in which messages are coming in late and sometimes hours later. Im not to fond of using Data only since it drains my battery when im in an area with poor signal. Anyone else having these issues or problems?
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    I have not had a problem in the Houston area with late SMS. I have verichat in the sms mode and it has been working great for a couple months now.
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    That sometimes happens with SMS; data mode is much more reliable since Verichat handles the message delivery itself. I've had SMS messages (outside of Verichat) get lost or show up a few hours after they were sent. SMS is not a great system in general, it's just cheap (for the carrier -- don't know what they're charging you!).
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    In SMS mode, do you get charged per message? If you have unlimited data plans, wouldn't that be the way to go?
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    ^well some carriers have a quota on how many you can recieve...with rogers i can only reach a max of 2500 messages before i get charged

    i just activated the Always on mode today, and I have no idea what i am in store for...i went with the SMS one, allowed 500 send 2500 recieve...but i have been thinking about going data, as i have a 100MB monthly allowance

    hmm explain to me, if you dont mind, this always on thingie and what happens with it being in data or SMS

    im thinking however its something like having a Mobile profile for your MSN messenger...even when i am offline people can send me messages which will go to my handheld as a that what this thingie is

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