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    I need assistance on replacing the battery on a recently purchased treo 300 from ebay. Battery seems to last only a couple of hours so i ordered a new one on ebay. Is it as simple as unsrewing the back panel? This is my first experience with a treo after my cell phone with sprint died. I have a dell axim x50v pda but i decided to experiment with combo pda/phone since i have been looking like a fool walking on the streets with a phone, pd and beeper attached to my belt. I of course plan to upgrade to the 650 by sprint but i need to master this keyboard thing.
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    Before the big Treocentral server crash, there were a lot of posts on this, one of them mine.
    Here's what I remember:
    1) Sync to BU all data, disconnecting old battery essentaially = hard reset.
    2) Turn off radio portion of phone before opening it up.
    3) remove 4 screws.
    4) snaps hold housings together, start dis-engaging snaps on the antenna side from the top down. There are 2 snaps on each side of the phone and 2 on either side of the bottom connector. Slide your thumbnail between the housings to dis-engage the "antenna side" snaps with phone face down, then the bottom snaps. last step: pivot the back housing open like a book so the audio jack and jog dial don't get jammed up with the back housing.
    5) While its open check foam in back housing that holds the stylus in. R&R foam with substitute to keep your stylus from falling out.
    Also check the gold plated antenna contact that is soldered to the PCB, it has a reputation for having cracked solder joints, fix is re-heat and add solder. Clean the contact arm and make sure it is bent to have good contact with the antenna.

    6) R&R batt.
    7) for re-assembly, pay attn to the top "mute" sliding button. Make sure the switch and the button are matched up.

    Overall not a difficult routine, but take your time.
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    I actually just received the battery at work from some company called ace accessory in hong kong or canada. The shipping was on friday and i got it today. Its brand new. Thanks for your reply and advice.
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    Thank you, Gordon-Gekko, for a very informative message.

    dave283 at
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    I agree with ncdave... Thanks Gordon-Gekko for the info.

    My Treo 300, has recently decided to start giving me all kinds of problems...

    My battery is dying way to quick, Lid Speaker is cutting in/out when moving lid..., sync cable won't charge/sync properly..., and it seems I'm in the early stages of a cracked lid... Just my day.

    Opening my Treo was very simple... the "snaps" were not nearly as bad as I thought they'd be... Just ran my fingernail along the edge to release them... The snaps by the sync/power connector required just a little extra effort...

    Don't force anything and you'll be fine. The screws holding the "sandwich" of phone/radio and display/keyboard were MUCH smaller then the ones holding the back cover of the Treo... almost lost them to the carpet... Didn't have to take out the phone/radio and display to get at the battery, but I did anyway.

    I've put it back togeather until I can find a replacement battery AND I can find were I put my Treo Serial Sync cable... It's been so long...

    I'm hoping I've got everything but the battery (several places I can pick one up) and sync cable taken care of...(the original USB cable seems "cracked", probably from all times I've dropped the Treo when it was charging).

    Glued the Lid, seems to charge OK (using AC and Car power adapter cable), and speaker seems OK...

    Thanks again,

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    Found my Serial Sync Cable... VERY Slow compared to USB... BUT my TREO 300 Charges/Syncs OK...

    Now for a new battery. Seen plenty for around $15 shipped... much cheaper then buying an add-on (still fetching around $100 on ebay) OR modifying my Treo to use a larger battery pack.

    (((As of 5-15-05 Picked up a replacement battery at a local BatteriesPlus and charging it now... had to move it "down" a bit since it was blocking the phone/radio motherboard... 900mah battery

    Cost out of pocket for repairs approx $26 (for battery)... and I still have my old Sprint plan (no contract-month to month) with $10 Vision. Guess Sprint will have to wait to sign me to a two year plan with a new 600/650 for another year or two. )))

    Thanks again,

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    I've replaced the battery a few times. I tried to buy a battery from some site (Laptops for less,, or something like that) and they sold me a knock-off brand-x battery that nearly fried my Treo (random pixels started going out, then flashing; very scary). Then, someone on this forum mentioned a handy site called Electronic Goldmine Inc. They sold me a genuing Handspring battery then for $14.95. Last month, I bought another from them, but the price rose to $19.95 (standard shipping was only $6.00). The battery arrived two days later, and since it was coming to MI from AZ, that's pretty good for $6! The link for the battery is:

    Changing it is no problem at all, as long as you are careful and are positive that you have a good, recent hotsync. You might also want to invest in a backup program like BackupBuddy prior to replacing the battery.
    Tim "SpartanBando" Draeger
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    With all of your encouragement, I went ahead and replaced my Treo 300 battery. It was as easy as y'all said it would be. Got a little nervous when the screen started flashing afterwards, but a hard reset solved that. It's nice to be able to talk on phone again for more than 5 minutes!

    Thanks for your posts.
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    Hi r_chuck,

    I agree, when I noticed my Treo's battery life take a HUGE nose dive after, just as you said, a 5 min. phone call... It was time to swap it out.

    I admit that my Treo 300 has always looked kind of "breakable" to me and that I was afraid to pop it open before swapping the battery for fear I'd break it.

    I've opened many of my previous cell phones (like my QCP-2700) which always looked like they could take the abuse...

    For anyone with a Dead or dying Treo... have no fear, opening the Treo is simple... just don't rush/force it... good advice in any project.
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    Can I assume that this procedure would be the same for the Treo 270?
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    Open and close procedure is the same
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    Thanks. What is your talk and standby times? I am trying to determine whether or not to upgrade to the treo 650 or change the battery.
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    Goto to this link to purchase replacement batteries for the Treo 300:
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    Sorry, I cannot remember the post batt performance improvement, except for it was about the same as the original new out of box performance. I still wasn't happy with the typically short usage time of even the new battery so I ended up putting a 1800mAhr batt in my T300. The batt had the same footprint as the original, but was just twice as thick requiring a rectangular cut out in the backhousing. With the case always on my Treo, the mod was not noticable and worked great.
    I just recently upgraded to the 650 from the 300 and recommend the same.
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    I think I'll upgrade to the 650.

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