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    I have Lightwav installed on my treo and I transfered some trimmed MP3's with the intent of using as ringtones. The problem I have encountered is that when I use Lightwav to assign ringtones, it can't "see" the mp3's that are loaded on my card. The directory tree seemingly doesn't allow me to find them, not that I know what directory they are in.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I don't know how you are loading the mp3s onto your card, but I would assume that you aren't using a card reader. I suggest you go buy an SD card reader from RadioShack, BestBuy or wherever, and this will let you load the files onto your card in what directory you want very easily.
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    rebelfan22 -- when you transferred those MP3s from your PC to your SD card, did you place them in a folder called Audio? I have not used Lightwav, but most Treo apps will look for the Audio folder on the SD card for MP3s (or other sound formats).

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