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    Hi, I am new to TreoCentral, although a longtime Palm OS and Mac OS user. I am struggling with a sticky problem here. I am using iCal, iSync, iSync Palm Conduit and Palm Desktop. Up until a week ago, these all worked flawlessly to keep my iBook, Treo 600 and .Mac sync'ed. I started having multiple copies of entries show up in my iCal files (I believe these multiples come from items I initially entered in my Palm, then transferred to other iCal files, and erased from the Palm file.) In trying to resolve that issue, my treo just stopped connecting to my laptop. (Coincidentally, my co-worker, who has another office Treo, has had the same issue of not-getting-a-connection, although his seems intermmittent and he is attibuting it to a bad cable. I tried to borrow his cable to test mine but of course, it didn't work on mine either). I spoke to Palm about the lack of connection and they seem to think it is caused by corrupted Desktop software. I reinstalled all the above programs and still don't seem to 1) get a stable connection and 2) get clean copies of my calendar on the Treo. Any suggestions?
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    Update: I seem to have cleaned up the iCal and .Mac files and they all sync flawlessly (computers to .Mac) but even after reinstalling all related software, my Treo STILL won't connect via my cable to the computer. Any word out there on faulty cables or faulty Treo connectioners for cable/cradle? I am beginning to think I have a hardware issue.
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    I've been having connect problems too. It works, however, when I restart my Mac and then do a Hotsync.
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