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    Hey guys... have been in NYC for 4 days now and have become absolutely FED UP with my Treo 650!

    My usual market is Los Angeles, but am in NYC for a couple of days for work. The moment I stepped off the plane, the problems began. If I were to conservatively guess, on average, how many calls actually went through the first time, I would say only 1/2. I would 1/3 of my incoming calls would be messed up as well.

    Outgoing call problems with FULL reception:
    - I would dial a number and the phone would just go back to the main phone screen. I would try to call over and over and over again, but to no avail. Each call attempt would register in the call log too. Would then sometimes have to turn the phone on and off to get it to work.
    - Network busy sound: "beep, beep, beep..."

    Incoming call problems with FULL reception:
    - No sound from other end at all, but my voice would just echo back
    - Awful white noise static
    - Conversation cutting in and out although phone showed full reception

    I tried soft rebooting it several times and turning the phone off and on. Also called Cingular to ask if there were any network issues in NYC or if there were any known compatibility problems with the Treo 650. The customer care rep said no, there weren't, but she sent an OTA update that might help. It did not, nor did my phone notify me that it received an OTA update (doesn't it usually confirm when you have received an OTA update?).

    The funny thing is, my Treo works flawlessly in Los Angeles and other markets I've been to.

    Has anyone else had these same problems while in NYC? It's been soooo frustrating!

    Thanks everyone!
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    My treo 300 worked great in NYC with Sprint!
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    I was in NYC from Fri -> Sun and had no problems with data or voice on Cingular. I'm a DC-based customer. I used my Treo all weekend.
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    i live in nyc. i have a t650 sprint CDMA phone. never had a problem.
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    I was there last weekend and my cingular connection was pretty flakey. I switched over to T-MO roaming and it was better.

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