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    Has anyone found a consistant solution for backing up to SD Card? (Being able to encrypt the backup is important also)

    I have a new 1 Gig SanDisk UltraII SD card. I've tried BackUpMan 1.52, RightBackUp 1.82, and BackUp BuddyVFS v3.07 and none seems to work consistantly every time.

    (Yes the phone's radio is turned off when doing the backup)

    Sometimes I'll get a crash/reset while baking up, sometimes it will seem to backup but then when I need to restore some of the backup files are messed up, (the contact and calender db's are the ones That I have the most problems with, 5500+ contacts and 5000= calender entries.)

    Thanks in Advance!
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    I use RightBackup ....flawless. it supports selective files to backup, which is nice, but not sure if it supports encryption....but at least it works consistently.
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    RightBackup wouldn't work on my Treo 650, always crashes. I haven't checked for an update in a couple of months though.
    Are you using it on a 650?

    I've used Botzam Backup and Backup Buddy.
    I've had problems restoring from Botzam, so I don't trust it.
    Backup Buddy ocasionally has trouble backing up certain files (DB errors) but otherwise works, however I've never done a restore so I don't know how well that will work.
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    Botzam has been FLAWLESS for me. Make sure you use the newest version and you are covered!
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    I had Probs with

    BuB VFS
    BackUp Man

    The only app which works for me is Teal Backup.
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    innner back up has a free back up that seems good i have that and Back up pro vfs or something like that
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    how about the desktop version of Backup Buddy? Seems to backup everything from palm to windows desktop - haven't tried restoring yet though.
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    I use BackupMan (latest version). Some people have problems with it, furtunately I haven't. Right now, the developers state that the phone has to be "OFF" for a full restore.
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    I've used BackupMan 1.52b the entire time I've had my Treo and never had a problem backing up and restoring. I always do a manual soft reset with Uninstall Manager and turn the phone off before both.
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    Another vote here for BackupMan. It was flawless on my 600, and the unattended scheduled backups are outstanding. I always have my latest data on my SC card. Plus the backups are very fast.

    On the 650, I haven't had any problems backing up or restoring. As pointed out, you need to have the radio/phone OFF before restoring, but I can live with that, since full restores are very rare for me, and I haven't had any problems restoring selected files.

    FWIW, *all* of the backup apps are struggling with the BVFS system that is used on the 650 Palm OS.
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    BBVFS has been working great for me. I do have my phone scheduled off and a soft reset scheduled before my backup runs to to keep it clean. I have restored both completly from a hard reset and individual files without a problem. Backupman did not work for me (pre-reset or not) always failed on ShimLogs and never completed a backup. This problem may have been resolved by now - last time I tried BackupMan was back in Dec 04.


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    Tealbackup is the best backup solution, always works on my 650. I tried all of the above and ran into problems, like reset, or backup failure. Tealbackup works perfect, have used it after a hard reset.
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    I found that almost all of my problems with all of the backup softwares that I've tried can be resolved by simply turning off the phone.
    I'm using Profiles to turn my phone off at 2am and back on at 7am, so it can fully charge and stay that way, but also so I don't get text messages waking me up at night.

    Having the scheduled backups go off at 3:15 means they happen while the phone is off.
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