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    I recently switched (back) to Sprint from T Mobile (been a happy Sidekick user for several years) and picked up the Treo 650. LOVE it.......although, admittedly AIM seems a bit more convoluted than the simple Sidekick interface. I'm a heavy AIM user and now its too late to just go back to the Sidekick, as I have switched back to Sprint. I hate having to click on endless screens (accept message from so and so, new/delete/go to, etc) just to juggle AIM conversations.

    Is there a way to toggle the settings to where the AIM conversation windows can pop up instantaneously or maybe cut out some of those pointless inbetween screens.......or is there a simpler interface with another chat program?

    If somebody is going to suggest Verichat or anything, please include a link to it.
    (I'm assuming Verichat is a program where AIM can be accessed)

    Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions......please go easy, I'm new at this.
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    when u recieve a message the message window will pop up and you reply. just like aim on your desktop. get it a try for 30 days and if u decide to keep pay $25 for the first year and $20 for years after that. by the way treo is way better then the sk2 since with a treo u can always add apps and items to treo.
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    Others like causerie
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    Thanks for the help. I'm giving Verichat a try.....very nice and easy interface!
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    Is it possible to use AIM on the Treo 650 and still keep your phone available for calls?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pr0zpect
    Is it possible to use AIM on the Treo 650 and still keep your phone available for calls?
    The short answer is yes IF you are not actively sending a message. For example, if you are typing a response to someone, then you calls should still come through. If you are sending a reply, then a call 'probably' wont come through (this would depend on if you have CDMA or GSM)
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    Try Causerie to enjoy a better interface than any other IM softwares and also for good reliable Bots.
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    I'm not so sure the Treo 650 is way better than the SKII if you're a heavy AIM user. I'm certainly not happy with the overall stability of the PALM OS with third-party programs. Now I have a better appreciation of what Microsoft has to deal with and have done successfully. Kinda took it for granted.

    I use Verichat and it resets once every week or so. It's weird how if you press to go another app or menu while a chat request is coming in, the sucker goes to a blank white screen or does something to hold u up and forces a reset. Plus, if you're in the Verichat app, all calls go to voicemail whereas in the SKII, you still get the call unless you are actively pressing the send button and at that very moment you happen to be receiving a call.

    So if you are a basic user and need text, e-mail and AIM to work well in a stable manner, the SKII's got the Treo beat. But if you like to tinker and add programs, the Treo is the only one that can do that for you here. Yet, with the lack of RAM and and growing number of problems that can occur with all those third-party programs... I shy away from it.

    Treo 650 is aight. Definitely not a complete nor stable PDA, but best that's avail at this point in time.
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    agreed with BenJmns -- but must emphasize that it's the best right now, so I'm happier with it than w/o it. (former SKII user).

    Having just come from the SKII and dealing with Danger's backend servers, I REALLY don't that option ... and add to that the yearly service charge for that -- no thanks ... since I see that some like Chitchat lite can get around having to go thru a backend server, it must be possible.
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    aim always crashed on mine caused the stupid reset loop so i killed it and use causerie
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    Exactly, this is my dilemma right now. I currently have a sidekick2 and a verizon phone. Both contracts are done in september. Im a heavy AIM user but HATE the t-mobile service. I am looking into the treo 650 verizon to substitute both. Any suggestions?
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    I use Causerie all the time and it works very well for me. here is the link:

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