Having some strange problems on my Sprint Treo 650. For a while now, I have been having an issue with getting the message saying my phone must be configured for Vision services. This has been happening fairly consistently the last week or so, but has been happening on and off for months. If I tell it to proceed, if it fails (which it does better than half the time) I also lose my cookies in Blazer. Whether it works or not, I am able to connect to vision normally if I exit out and go back into an app the uses it.

Recently I have also found that the Treo keeps going back to the home/launcher screen. If I leave it in an app (usually Verichat, but I think it may also be happening with others), I find when I turn it back on I am back on the launcher. If I leave the sound turned on, I actually hear the "click" sound as if something has happened.

Anyone else experiencing anything like this? Any ideas?