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    first of all i have had no problems with my Treo650 prior to this... only a few random resets, no big deal...
    now to the story...
    i wake up in the morning at 9am and my treo works completely fine no problems at all... i go out for a while its just sitting in my pocket nothing happen to damage it and every thing was fine, battery was fully charged and i get a call... i go to answer it and the touchscreen is completely non-responsive so naturally i try a soft reset... nothing still... so i just power it off until i have time to get home and contact sprint... so i get home and call a sprint rep. they tell me to take the battery out and soft reset and system reset nuthin worked... soo i hot sync'd and backed up all my data.. and tried the final resort, hard reset, obviously if it doesnt work the phone is useless because, of the first touchscreen setup screen... so needless to say, it locked up and wouldnt even power off soo they told me to take it to the local sprint store... i brought it there today the tech. their looked at it for about a half an hour and she said she had no clue what was wrong with it... the final resolution is that they are ordering a new Treo650 for me but, it wont be in until wensday soo i am stuck with out a phone for 3 days, this has me pretty upset, but i guess its just sumthin i have to deal with... allthough i dont think this should be happening with a $600 phone... oh well hopefully the new one will work as nicely as this one did prior to this event...allright thanks for reading about my experience
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    Do you have GSM?

    A great advantage of GSM...being able to swap your sim into a backup phone.
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    nope.... Sprint (CDMA)
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    i'm sorry. my phone was broken for a week before i got a new one and while the wait wasn't at all desirable, it was worth it to have a brand new and working phone in the end!
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    why didn't u just ask them for a loaner until the new phone got there ? that way atleast u would of had a phone to use in the meantime...
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    There was a thread here with the exact problem you have. Basically the cause of it was that there is some dirt or debris stuck in the corner somewhere. Right under the bezel. The problem is the debris is pressing on the screen contantly causing the screen to behave like it's not working. Try using a small piece of paper and glide it along the side to free whatever it is that's stuck.
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    The Treo 300 screen protector is just a little bigger than the 650 screen. I had some left and I'm using them up. I think the overlap around the edge will prevent any grit from entering or getting stuck there. A slightly oversized screen protector may be a good thing with the 650

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