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    Although I'm coming to learn that Newegg has questionable advertising practices, I felt I should post this:

    {Copied from FatWallet}
    RiDATA 1GB 66x Secure Digital (SD) Card PRO, Model SDCR1GB-GLD
    -10.00 rebate
    +4.81 shipping

    64.80 shipped

    Limit 1 Rebate per household.

    I'm thinking of purchasing it. Anyone have experience with this card, or with RiData? Only 4 hits in Search about this company.
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    I have never had a problem with NewEgg - they have been great.
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    RiData does good work on media. They make quality DVD-R's haven't heard about their SD cards but if they are consistent from their other products it should be good.
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    I doubt they make the cards. It be interesting to know if they do or if they rebrand someone elses.
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    The base price has been raised to 73.39. So the math is now:

    -10.00 rebate
    +4.81 shipping

    68.20 shipped

    Rebate ends April 30, 2005.
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    I just got a 1gb card from Fry's (Friday 4/22). It was 79.99 out the door with a 20 dollar rebate=$59 bucks. fyi

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