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    how much bet¬
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    I may not know, but I'll bet my phone does!
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    The camera is TONS better. I used to use my phone camera in emergencies only. Now I don't even bother to take my camera to special events. The pictures are GREAT!
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    Uh...never had the 600, but the 650's camera is crap next to a decent digital camera...diagonals are jaggy as all heck!
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    More acurately, the Treo 600 camera barely even worked. It was for arguments sake, a broken camra. Blury bluish-pixel pictures.
    The 650 camra is very good for a 640x480 VGA camer a phone camera, but nothing even close to the quality you'd get with a real digital camera.
    It's a fun toy, and even a good tool for capturing images of things in a pinch, even good for photo blogging (,) but is not good enough to use as a digitial camera.
    Attached is a picture of my cat from the treo camera. Notice it's in focus toward the center but the edges get blury.
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    I was about to say.. My 5 year old worn out junky Olympus 1.3MP kicks the pants off the 650's camera. The camera in the 650 is soft, blurry, colours are bad, and contrasts are really wonky, but it *works* for limited things like snapping a shot for a picture ID or something you want to MMS to someone (which squishes the picture down even smaller anyway).
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    600 camera = crap
    650 camera = functional
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    mrgarza asked "how much BETTER is the 650 camera?". I'm sure a digital camera, only meant to take pictures, is not what he meant for us to compare it to.

    It is considerably better than the 600, but obviously, not comparable to a real digital camera.
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    Well...I have a 600, and the camera is quite good. I used a program called qset to set the pixel size to 640x480, and it makes very nice 6x4 prints. It does not do well in low light situations, but otherwise it's pretty nice. Using MovieRec, I make neat movie clips, up to about 90 seconds. But the camera is not bad at all. Out of the box, it's set to something like 160x120 pixels, which is why it has such a bad rap.
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    Another cat photo for comparison :-)
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    I agree w/ MVT --

    The 600 camera was crap. The 650 is now usable. Just for a quick pic, or a very well lite outside close up.

    It's not worth comparing to a real digital camera - it's really not meant for that purpose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by timexx8
    Another cat photo for comparison :-)
    Wow...shave that *****, please! The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by MVT
    600 camera = crap
    650 camera = functional

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