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  • Hotsync'ed what was on my T600

    1 8.33%
  • Started from scratch

    11 91.67%
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    When I first got my T650 I simply hotsync'ed what I had on my T600. After getting into an endless reset loop I did a hard reset, renamed my backup folder and then installed only the applications I wanted. I saw a big increase in available memory and now I rarely experience a reset. I'm wondering if having a lot of old files from past trials and such caused at least some of the instability that many have experienced.
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    That is correct, Whenever you upgrade from one device (especially from 600 to 650) you should start from scratch. Unfortunately, a lot of folks don't do this (and probably do not know that they should do this) and they end up having odd resets etc.
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    The problems involved in simply hot-syncing from a prior device's backup to a 50 are well documented. A search of TreoCentral will probably find several dozen, if not several hundred, threads about the subject. Palm even has a support page discussing this problem, and how to avoid it.
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