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    CAN WE GET ONE OF THESE GOING? I have a Unlocked 650. I would like to do the custom ROM. But, I don't knwo where to start. What files to download, nothing. Can someone walk me through it and also post something for the rest of us s that others can look at it too?

    I want to get rid of Quicktour,Versamail, RealPlayer, Welcome, Additional Lanuages and add Snappermail, Ptunes, Agendus Pro, Treoguard, Callfilter into the ROM. Can someone please help out.,
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    Same here. I would love someone to do something like that for us Dummies

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    check out
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    yep did that. I already have the 1.15/1.06 on my unlocked gsm. I am not sure how to do the GSM update even with all that wonderful stuff from Shadowmites site
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    sprint only damn read alittle bit mabye use the search :thumbsdown:
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    Quote Originally Posted by clownracer
    sprint only damn read alittle bit mabye use the search :thumbsdown:
    Well not really clownracer, some people were successful creating custom ROMS for GSM Treos as well, but there is no guide anywhere thus the request.

    Use search button you will see
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    Well, I don't have a tutorial or guide. But you can go to shadowmite's site and read the how to and also make sure you read the forum. The procedure is the same as for the Sprint phones, and follow the same warnings.

    As for myself I ended up with a half-working unit because I deleted one of the system files that controls the SD slot.

    Now I have to wait for the official Palm ROM release, wich I hope will be within two weeks.
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    great idea...if someone could put that step by step approach here...that would be great. Maybe invite Tracker00 and others who appear to have done some work on to educate us dummies (of which I am one).
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    ahhh I will now put my foot in mouth...sorry guys
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    GSM Custom ROMs:
    1) Get the file and extract the file somewhere on your computer – you need the file from the GSM ROM Update ZIP File
    2) Get Shadowmite's custom rom tool.
    3) Get the listing of the ROM files (filelist.pdf) from Shadowmite’s forum – this will tell you what you can possibly delete.
    4) Open Shadowmite’s tool and load the file from the extracted files in step 1.
    5) Delete the files you don’t want
    6) Add the ones you want to add
    7) Press the “build button”
    8) Create the new and and then place the and file back into the \DeviceCustomizer\Treo650.ROW folder on the SD card. Then just run the ROM update as usual.

    Instructions from somebody who's successfully flashed their unit detailing what they did step by step

    1) Hotsync your Treo, do a Backup (best to SD card)
    2) Extract to a SD card
    3) Hard reset your Treo
    4) Insert the SD card to Treo and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the upgrade
    5) Connect the Treo to charger (is needed to complete the update)
    6) Restore single files you need from the SD card (or later by hotsync)
    o Prefs database
    o Web shortcuts,
    o Etc.
    7) Save your sync directory on the PC
    8) Delete your actual sync user
    9) Hotsync your Treo (creates new user)
    10) Re-install all programs and data you had before
    11) Do all settings you need
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    My firmware is 1.14 and software 1.05. Anyone have the later version that they are modding? Can I get a copy?
    Palm III -> Palm V -> Blue Palm Vx w/Omnisky -> Treo 270 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 680
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    what about the CNG issue where we in the USA have CNG and the update 1.15 is ROW? will it take or cause any problems
    cant seem to find a tokenwriter for the 650
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    Wow my firmware is only 1.04 and running software version 1.02. Sounds like I need to upgrade Someone point me in the right direction.

    Wish there was a sticky widget at the top of treocentral that listed the version and firmware numbers that are the latest for each phone and a link where to get the latest.
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    I keep getting a MD5 Checksum error. Can anyone help
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    Thanks dstroot, how do one go back to the original ROM in case something bad happens?
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    Alright. So I was able to get all the apps removed from the 650. that I don't want on there. In the Rom builder. I added AgendusPRo, Pocket tunes, callfilter, islio and snapper mail. via the custom ROM builder. the app told me it was ready to by installed on my SD card. After the Rom Update. I still don' thave the programs installed on the 650. What am I doing wrong. Can some one please help
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    today i put it ontop of my 1.04CNG and now shows 1.15ROW. worked fine (no need to hunt for tokenwriter etc..) if u are unlocked u should be fine.

    also add to the steps

    the files need to be zipped in the palm folder

    sd card\palm\devicecustomizer
    sd card\palm\devicecustomizer\treo650.row
    sd card\launcher
    and so on....

    i made a mistake and copied it to the root and had to get filez installed before i coulfd do the upgrade.

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