The post below is from the 650 Forum, I decided to post here because I realized that it's not a 650-specific question. I would appreciate any help.


I'm looking for two different third-party browsers.

Blazer is okay, but doesn't cut it with my private web mail interface. I often get "page cannot be loaded" and it's frustrating. I should note that this web-based emil system works well w/ my Pocket PC 2002 and 2003 (using Pocket IE), my Nextel phone's browser (pure WAP), and Sprint phone's browser (quasi-wap).

1) The browser should support 5-way navigation. I'm used to the Blazer's interface. 2) The browser should also not need to use a 3rd-party gateway or proxy like Xiino (it seems to want to use "data server" when my mail system tries to switch to SSL). 3) Formats page well. 4) FAST!

Browser one: pure WAP, so that it doesn't get detected as HTML capable. Text is FAST!

Browser two: quasi-HTML, similar to Blazer. I don't want a browser that tries to be full-HTML and tries to load the whole darn page--too slow.

If there is a browser that can be both by switching settings, all the better.

Thanks folks!