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    When I had my PPC, I was able to minimize applications. This really helped if I was on a website, had to check something in email, and I could just return to that web page. With the Palm, if I leave the browser, I'm screwed because I have to start all over. Is there a way around this?
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    cant do that in Palm. no multitasking.
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    The best you can do is set Blazer to return to the last page viewed in Preferences.
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    That's disgusting.
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    you can set blazer to go back to the last page viewed, u shouldnt have to start all over. its in the options
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    Quote Originally Posted by juice
    That's disgusting.
    Heh! I think disappointing might be a better word. This is one of my pet peeves with PalmOS but I guess it has to do with the minimalist approach. Winblows started on large devices and was shrunken down for small devices and palm is the other way around.

    The multitasking in Windows is nice but it also comes at a price. Windows devices tend to need faster processors and have more limited battery life.. Still, I do miss some of the true multitasking and stability. Yeah, windows is more stable than palm OS, fer sure!! when was the last time your treo rebooted? I also think that pocket windows is getting more and more efficent and pocket windows devices are getting better battery life all the time.

    Palm's best course of action is to go to a Linux paltform with an emulation layer for palm OS. With that approach, they can maintain downward software compability and emulate multiple, virtual Palm OS devices. They can achieve a sort of multitasking with old software that way. This will also create a new platform from which developers can create new, true, mutl-threaded/tasking applications that will take advantage of the new architecture.

    I think they did a similar thing when they went to a risc based platform in palm OS5. Most software written for the old motorolla platform still worked because they included an emulation layer. Newer software for palmOS5 only takes advantage of the features in the new hardware.
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    BTW, PAlm OS does do some multitasking because pocket tunes can play music while you use other apps and desktop accessories and hacks will still work. I guess it may be limited and difficult to program such things. Perhaps it's like the old DOS TSR programs. They kind of hooked themselves into a software interrupt but they did not "play nice" with a lot of other software.

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