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    Is it possible to forward a single number?

    Like my condo's front door ringer connects directly to my Treo. Can I forward that to my roommates phone after 4 rings?

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    You should be able to edit this in your call preferences, but the downside would be that unanswered calls would go to your roommates phone rather than voicemail.
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    I don't think it's possible to forward just a single incoming number to another phone with the basic Treo phone. There may be some apps out there that can help, but I've never tried.
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    I also don't know of a way to do this, but I can tell you how I handled it at one time:

    If you have broadband, sign up for one of the VOIP services that offers local numbers to your area. Some can be as cheap as $5 if you're paying by the minutes (which, if it's just for your front door, probably wouldn't be too many minutes).

    Many VOIP services offer "SimulRing" to multiple separate numbers.

    Basically, it works like this:

    1) Condo Front Door rings the VOIP number.
    2) VOIP number rings in the apartment, and also rings both your cell phone and your roommate's cell phone simultaneously.
    3) One of you answer and buzz someone in.

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