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    I am trying to get into my corporate email and someone suggested using Mergic VPN which I downloaded but I am having problems setting it up.

    Here are the promts:

    account (I guess i pick a name?)
    User name: is this what I put to log in to my network at work not my email addy?
    Password ( I figured that one out)
    Auto connect????? what do I put here
    VPN Server : I'm assuming the path to log in to my network

    Where am I suppose to put my email adress?

    Any help would be great.

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    account = just a name you want to give the connection, could be whatever you want.
    username = your windows login name.
    password = your windows password.
    auto connect = establishes a vpn connection whenever a specified app launches. when it is "enabled" you get a list of apps that you can check that would need a vpn connection. I auto connect for palmVNC and wifile.
    vpn server = address of the machine you're trying to connect to. if you have a fixed ip address, this is a no-brainer. if your ip address changes with each new connection, you may try a service like or mergic recognizes "aliases" like these to resolve a dynamic ip address.

    email address doesn't go anywhere. remember, mergic vpn only establishes a vpn connection to whatever machine you configure it for, it has no additional functionality beyond that. it is intended to be used in CONJUNCTION with a separate email / comm app like I mentioned above for it to actually do anything.
    -- berto
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    In order to get the VPN to work yo uneed to call the service provider (cingular or who ever) and make sure you are not behind any kind of firewalls. They need to put you on special network that allows GRE packets to pass thru. Otherwise you will never get connected to the vpn.


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