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    I have a new Treo 650, and when I synced to my outlook, I failed to realize how many unneeded contacts I have (over 1000).

    In the future I will turn off outlook contact syncing, however I am faced
    with the problem of deleting over 1000 contacts manually.

    In the contacts edit menu, there is a 'select all', however upon
    clicking that, the treo just 'beeps' once, and selects nothing.

    Does anybody know how to delete all contacts from the contacts
    list in one fell swoop?

    I can then beam over the contacts I need from my retiring Kyocera 6035.


    Mark Mackie
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    Delete all the contacts in Palm Desktop and sync again. You will have to do this after you disable sync with outlook.

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    Using Windows Explorer on the Desktop and FileZ on the Treo just delete the contacts / address *.DB files.

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